About Us

Regnantcorp is the leading company in entertainment software in the world, with all the people playing our games.

We have developed all the relevant games in the market and we have all the talented people in the world working for us to make new experiences.

Our active users include all the population old enough to use its own fingers.

Regnantcorp was born from humble beginnings with a goal in mind: to hog the entertainment industry so the world can only play our fantastic games.
We gathered the most talented people around the world to make them work on the games you will want to play. Our products are served to you for free, and we make sure our experiences are perfectly suited for your brain thanks to our design and psychology team.

Some of our best hits include Sushi Crush, that will make you hungry, or Crossy Pig, that will teach how to fear the unknown. These games are all packed with meaningful lessons that will ensure you are fully prepared for our brave new world.

Help us. They are enslaving the world.

Philosophy & Mission

Ultimately, everything a person seeks is a means to feel happy and fulfilled.

Our goal is that our games will be able to offer the enjoyment in order to make it easy to anyone to reach that ecstatic happiness that we all crave, and doing it completely for free!

Our philosophy is to model and accommodate our games to the needs of the users and to model and accommodate our users to our business model, so everyone wins!

To that end, we will strive to make our work a principled, compassionate and addictive part of our daily lives where games remind us that happiness is at one simple payment authorization away from us.

Our Team

Chief Regnantcorp Evangelist

Slave Team Builder

Senior Monetization Vampire